BlokYou want to go out. Want to dance, dress up, and get fancy. Maybe it’s a bachelor or bachelorette party, maybe you have a client in town, maybe you’re just visiting LA, but you want to see what Hollywood and the nightclub scene is all about. How do you do it? Where do you turn? Where do you go? Do you want bottle service? Do you need bottle service? Why not just the bar down the street?

There are a lot of questions but we’re equipped with a lot of answers. Why Hollywood? It’s a good question – why Hollywood and not some dusty dive bar down the street? There are a million places to get a martini in Hollywood so why do you want to go to a club? The nightclubs in Hollywood invest a ton of money to make sure you’re going to have the best time of your life. Have you ever been to a bar that had one other person in it? That’s common, but not at nightclubs. The reason nightclubs don’t suffer from the same problems that other bars do is because of the amount of money they spend hiring promoters, big DJs, and proper marketing of their venues. Promoters have a job, which is to fill the room with good looking, fun and young people. That means that as a customer you’re not going to be walking into an empty room. On top of that they pay top dollar for the best DJs in the city and the best marketing behind their venues. You’re up against a lot of choices and many nights you can afford the luck of the draw, but on a night you need to guarantee a fun party, Hollywood nightclubs are the way to go.

How do I get in? The second question becomes, how do you get in. The only guaranteed form of entrance to any nightclub is to reserve bottle service. Bottle service gives you access to the best clubs without having to deal with long lines and the uncertainty of getting in for all sorts of arbitrary reasons. I’ve seen people tip the door guy a $100, still get rejected…and not even return their $100 bill! Booking a table at a nightclub ensures quick, easy entry without the hassle of waiting outside. Once inside you’ll be treated like VIP with a booth and a table to retreat and host your friends new and old, the bottles you ordered, and an energetic waitress helpfulin pouring and making your drinks and attending to your needs. If you’re looking for a VIP experience, this is the only way to go. Look through our list of various nightclubs and pick which one suits your needs best.

This is the only way to get into a nightclub and ensure you’ll make it past the velvet rope. Save yourself, your date, your client, and your guests the embarrassment and book a table. What is this night going to run me? Well, that all depends. Table reservations are made with minimums, meaning minimum of spending. A club usually limits a maximum of 4 people for each bottle and bottles start at $450-500. That means that when all is said and done you’ll be spending about $100-200 each person. The higher the minimum, the better your location or the more you seating you can choose from.

Does it sound like a lot? Well, in comparison to what? Consider what a night of bar hopping would run you instead? You go to 2-3 bars, each charge a $20-40 cover. You get one or two drinks at each place that each cost you $14 plus tip. And if you meet a special someone you want to treat to a drink it’ll cost you even more. Before you know it you’re spending the same amount, standing in line 3 times, plus waiting in line at the bar, you’ve got nowhere to sit and not getting the VIP treatment you would’ve had booking a table.

Book your table today and save yourself the hassle.

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** Amount of people equals the maximum amount of guests in your reservation. Price indicates minimum spending on bottle service required for table or section.
Section and/or placement not guaranteed and subject to change.

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