Bootsy BellowsLos Angeles nightlife, like very few other places, is the home of the velvet rope and red carpet nightclub culture. LA has perfected the industry of high-end, exclusive nightclubs. Read on to find out about what your bottle service booking experience is going to look like for you and what party you’d enjoy. The clubs in Hollywood operate on a basic principle of getting the best people, talent, and tables into a space to maximize the best of the party. You have many choices out there and money can’t buy you happiness but it can get you pretty close when it comes to bottle service. The best way to ensure a happening night is to go to one of the following clubs and the only way to get in is to book bottle service. Otherwise, you’ll be left outside with 100s of other people trying to wave down the door guy who doesn’t want to give you the time of day and isn’t interested in letting you in. Got a group of guys with you? The first thing he’s going to say is to book a table.

Booking a table, much like making a reservation at a restaurant, gives you priority when you come to the club and helps you skip the wait. Unlike a restaurant, the reservation requires a spending minimum based on the amount of people you have. 4 people is usually the maximum amount they’ll let in per bottle. That means if you have 12 people, you’ll have to shoot for a 3 bottle minimum at the least. The higher your minimum and the better placement you will get inside the nightclub which usually means closer to the DJ or closer to the dance floor. Check here to see what options you have for the various clubs in Los Angeles that offer bottle service

Clubs are usually open 3-4 nights a week with every night focusing a little differently on the type of party they offer. A stickler for house music? Or Hip- hop? Check our page on picking your party based on the music style. Look through the different clubs that offer these services and see which sound the most fun to you.  Got a particular day you have to go? Click here to see the calendar and what clubs are open. Usually nights are categorized as EDM, Urban, or Open Format. EDM is for the house fans, the base heads, and those that love the electronic music as the acronym states. Urban means hip-hop all night long from the old school to the new school and everything in between. Open format is a healthy blend of it all and tends to be the most common type of party we see. They’ll play some house, hip-hop, top 40 and something for everyone. Whatever it is you’re looking for, bottle service is the only way to guarantee your night doesn’t end in failure. Book a table and be confident the night will turn out the best it can be. Click here to guide you through the bottle service booking process.

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** Amount of people equals the maximum amount of guests in your reservation. Price indicates minimum spending on bottle service required for table or section.
Section and/or placement not guaranteed and subject to change.

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