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Electronic Dance Music – this includes house, trance, electro, you name it. Some of the biggest DJs are included in this list and wether they’re from Europe, LA or elsewhere, you can expect a high energy party.

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Something for everyone. Wether it’s hip-hop, house, top 40 or anything else, you can expect the DJ is going to play your favorite track, whatever genre that may be.

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Hip-hop, hip-hop, hip-hop…if you want to hear the best, newest, oldest or straight out of the studio, these urban parties are like nothing else. Don’t expect to sit around – this party is for the dance floor.

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Greystone Manor
Something between a mega-club and a boutique, SBE really did it right with this location Read More...
Bootsy Bellows
David Arquette and the team from The Beverly bring a quaint nightclub swarmed with celebs. Read More...
Emerson Theatre's burlesque theme centers on a modest but happening dancefloor. Read More...


This mega club has made a name for itself in the Hollywood area Read More...
Named ‘Mega-club of the Year’ for 2013 by the Nightclub & Bar Awards Read More...
This place gets some of the best and most obscure house and deep house DJs Read More...


This place has outlived many of it’s and predecessors in this giant theatre-style nightclub. Read More...

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How it Works

Clubs in Hollywood work on a basic principle – get the best people, celebrities, promoters and DJs into a room and the people will come. The better the club, the harder it is to get in, and unless you are a celebrity or super model, getting past the strict door guy is tough without knowing someone personally who can come out and walk you in past the almighty velvet rope. The better the club is the more expensive the table minimums are, the tougher the door guy is and the covers are more expensive.

The best of clubs don’t charge a cover at all. This also means that the party is better, more full, and though money can’t buy happiness, you’re chances of having fun are higher as well. The less trendy clubs tend to be easier to get through the door, the tables are less expensive, and minimums or cover charges tend to be more reasonable.

At any level, the table is the way to go – whether you’re going for economical or highbrow, getting in is often impossible without a table and when possible is still the better bet. The rule often goes, the newer the club, the more exclusive but it also has a lot to do with the promoter team, parent company, talent booked, and layout/design of the interior. It comes down to simple supply and demand – whats the most fun? That’s the best one. The higher the minimums of spending, the better the location in the room and often closest to the dance floor and DJ.

Don’t get stuck in the middle of the masses trying to flag down the bar tender for a drink when you can have a home-base in the middle of the dance floor to entertain your friends, clients or new people you get a chance to meet. At the more exclusive it’s a necessity to get in and at the more economical side it breaks down and makes sense fiscally…you take your pick…

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