Bootsy BarGoing out in Hollywood and getting VIP treatment may seem like a simple process at first glance but there is much more going on than what meets the eye. LA Nightlife revolves itself mainly around the nightclub scene which has made itself famous in the Hollywood area for decades. Nightclubs spend 100s of thousands if not millions of dollars to design the best layouts, bring in the biggest DJs and hire the best promoters in the city to make their party the best there is.

Getting into these places is incredibly difficult for the above stated reasons. They don’t want just anyone inside their club. They attract VIP celebrities, athletes, and performers in order to create the most exciting environment they can. Promoters are hired to invite the most attractive people, the highest spending buyers, and famed celebrities to these places. The door guy, as he is often referred to, has a job to recognize and allow in only the best people they’ll want inside to enhance the energy of the party. Attractive young people, mainly women; big name celebrities; people with a personal relationship with owners and promoters; and taste makers are a priority to entrance for these places. The rest of us get left outside of the club to make the place look busy for passers-by.

If you want to experience it for yourself, the only way to guarantee entrance to a Hollywood or LA nightclub is through the VIP treatment of bottle service. Booking bottle service allows you to reserve a table and get in without having to know anyone special and avoiding the long lines and door guys.

Bottle service is a form of service in a nightclub where you reserve a table that comes with full bottles rather than ordering individual drinks from the bar. The reservation includes a table or booth to sit at, a cocktail waitress or server to pour drinks, mixers, and, of course, the bottles ordered. Usually they come in the form of a 750 ml bottle of an array of most top shelf liquors found in American bars. Vodka,Whisky, Champagne, tequila, rum and more are all options for ordering and the waitress provides you with a menu at seating.

Unless you know someone who works at the nightclub, the best advice is to not bother. Depending on who’s DJing, how busy the club is, and what night of the week, you may or may not get in and end up spending the whole night waiting outside for some magic to happen at the door. If you get in at all, upon entry you’ll be slapped with a hefty cover charge that can run as little as $20 and as high as $150 after hours of waiting in line. Chances are, if you can get in to the club in the first place, you probably don’t want to be there.

Here you can find a comprehensive guide to the various Hollywood nightclubs and which ones suit your needs and likes. Do you prefer a big room or a small room? House or Hip-hop? Do you like a high-energy party or something more low key? Browse through and get a sense of what you like. The nightclubs are broken down into 3 different sections: Exclusive, tight and GA, exclusive being the highest priced and hardest to get into.

Go here to get in and choose your table for booking bottle service. You can choose your date, club, and section. Bottle service bookings are based on minimums meaning a minimum of spending. The higher the minimum, the more guests you can have with you and the better your seating will be. Each bottle is good for 4 guests or less and the higher the minimum you reserve, the more options you have for location inside the club.

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** Amount of people equals the maximum amount of guests in your reservation. Price indicates minimum spending on bottle service required for table or section.
Section and/or placement not guaranteed and subject to change.

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