SupperClubSo you want to go out and experience Los Angeles right and want to see what all this LA nightlife is all about. But where do you get started? It’s not as tough as it seems but without having a friend who works at or owns a nightclub, getting in past the almighty velvet rope can be a huge headache if not approached properly.

Nightclubs in LA work on a basic principle of including the best looking people, DJs, performers, celebrities and club design together to create an all around experience that is second to none. They have perfected the art of throwing the best party that everyone wants to be a part of. The rule often goes that the newer a club is, the harder it is to get into but it is also based on many other factors such as where it’s located, who works on the promotional team, and what DJs are being booked. It goes by the basic principles of supply and demand and whichever club is the most sought after is the one that is hardest to get into and often times is the most fun.

All of these reasons for what makes these parties so great also make the club nearly impossible to get into. The solution: bottle service.  Bottle service, quite simply, is a way to get into the club and order your drinks without having to go the bar. It saves you the hassle of the lines, the anxiety of trying to get in, and the rush at the bar and on the dance floor. The benefit of bottle service is it gives you the option for a place to sit while still being in the middle of the party and the action. You get a server to pour and make your drinks and, most importantly, access to a nightclub you normally would not be privy to without knowing people working for the club.

Booking bottle service can be made by simply looking through the various clubs and deciding which place looks best for you and your party. Look at the music format, description, and photos of the club to see where you think you would like to party. Once you’ve decided on a club you will have to choose your table based on how many people you have joining you – the bigger your group, the higher your minimum of spending will be to keep your reservation. The higher the minimum, the more selection you have for where you would like to be seated or placed inside the nightclub.

If you’re wondering about a guestlist, wonder no more. Guest lists are exactly what they are called – a list of guest and not a ticket to entry. It’s a term often used by promoters to entice people to show up and say their name at the door as a craps shoot to see if you could get in or not. The reality is that no guestlist can ever guarantee entry. The door guy is there to decide who he is letting in and saying you are on a guestlist often times means you will have to wait in a guestlist line with over 100 people also claiming to be on a guestlist. They may not let you in because you don’t have girls with you, they don’t like how you look, what you’re wearing, for capacity reasons or just because the door guy happens to be in a bad mood. Booking bottle service guarantees you a spot in the room and allows you to RSVP ahead of time as you are made priority over anyone on the elusive ‘guestlist’.

To book bottle service and get ahead of the crowd, click below and get your party started.

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** Amount of people equals the maximum amount of guests in your reservation. Price indicates minimum spending on bottle service required for table or section.
Section and/or placement not guaranteed and subject to change.

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